Finance and Administration

Insurance and Health

Activity Accident Insurance
Activity Accident Insurance (Spanish Version)
Adult Emergency Medical and Permission to Treat Form, VP-87A
Adult Health History, VP-87
Health History (Individual), F-56
Health History, F-57
How To File a Claim
Incident Report Form, C-075
Standard Health Examination Record (Girl), F-58

Volunteer Role Descriptions

Adventure Program Coordinator, VP-68
Adult Advisor, Camp Sampler – Camp Tuckaho, VP-79
Adult Recognition Panel Chair, VP-82
Adult Recognition Panel Member, VP-83
Alumnae Association Coordinating Board Assistant Chair, VP-101
Alumnae Association Coordinating Board Chair, VP-100
Alumnae Association Nominating Committee Chair, VP-3
Assistant Day Camp Director, VP-62
Assistant Unit Leader – Camp Tuckaho and Cedarledge, VP-78
Board Development Committee Chair, VP-115
Camp Pull Coordinator, VP-24
Camp Supervisor Coordinator, VP-59
Camp Supervisor, VP-58
Chair, Board of Directors, VP-90
Cookie Cupboard Manager, VP-34
Council Cookie Manager, VP-25
Day Camp Business Manager, VP-64
Day Camp Director, VP-61
Day Camp Health Supervisor, VP-63
Day Camp Subcommittee Chair, VP-67
Day Camp Unit Leader, VP-65
District Development Registrar, VP-52
District Adult Development and Education Development Manager, VP-51
District and Neighborhood Press Representative, VP-36
District April Showers Coordinator, VP-132
District Cookie Manager, VP-33
District Equipment Manager, VP-2
District Fall Product Activity Manager, VP-55
District Manager, VP-41
District PR Communications, VP-43
District Recognition Coordinator, VP-30
District Seasons of Giving Coordinator, VP-39
District Volunteer Recruiter, VP-37
District-Treasurer, VP-15
Family Camp Director, VP-70
Girl Scouts Beyond Bars Community Troop Volunteer, VP-5
Leadership Series Campus Kick-Off Volunteer, VP-77
Leadership Series Mentor, VP-76
Learning Facilitator, VP-53
Member, Board of Directors, VP-94
Mentor, VP-124
Neighborhood Adult Development-Education Manager, VP-16
Neighborhood April Showers Coordinator, VP-133
Neighborhood Camp Promoter, VP-60
Neighborhood Communications Manager, VP-44
Neighborhood Cookie Manager, VP-32
Neighborhood Fall Product Program Manager, VP-56
Neighborhood Manager, VP-42
Neighborhood Registrar, VP-12
Neighborhood Seasons of Giving Coordinator, VP-40
Neighborhood Treasurer, VP-7
Program Specialist – Camp Tuckaho and Cedarledge, VP-123
Representative Assembly Delegate, VP-54
Secretary, Board of Directors, VP-91
Treasurer, Board of Directors, VP-92
Troop Cookie Manager, VP-31
Troop Fall Product Program Manager, VP-57
Troop Leader, Assistant Leader, Advisor, VP-45
Troop Organizer, VP-48
Troop Recruiter, VP-47