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Girl Congress

Girl Congress is an opportunity for experienced Girl Scouts to make Girl Scouting better for all Girl Scouts. For example, to retain girl scouts, show a presence in their community and with council, to provide input on plans and policies and other matters that the board refers to them in order to improve the quality of Girl Scouting. They also my wish to plan and implement a program for other Girl Scouts to participate in; such as a workshop or camp event.

Girl Congress members are elected by their District Chairs and can serve one year terms and then can be re-elected for another year. Each District is allowed two Delegates and two Alternates to represent their area whose terms run from June 1-May 31 each year.  Starting 2014 we would like the election process to be completed by the end of April. To be elected to Girl Congress as a Delegate and Alternate, a girl must:

  • Be a registered girl member of Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri
  • Be at least 14 years of age at start of term starts (June 1)

All nominations must be submitted to the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri Program Manager by March 1, 2014. Nominations must include a short biography, which has information about nominee’s Girl Scout involvement, community activities and reasons she wants to be a member 

DELEGATE EXPECTATIONS It is expected that a Delegate will attend every meeting during the term June 1 – May 31. However, it is required that a Delegate attend half of all meetings during the term. A Delegate is required to attend 1 – 2 District meetings during the term. A Delegate is expected to promote events and programs within her district A delegate must notify a Girl Congress Alternate Delegate if she is unable to attend a Girl Congress meeting or the Rep Assembly. It is then the responsibility of the Alternate Delegate to represent the Delegate 

ALTERNATE DELEGATE EXPECTATIONS An Alternate Delegate is responsible for attending Girl Congress meetings and voting in the absence of a Delegate An Alternate Delegate is responsible for attending the Rep Assembly and voting in the absence of a Girl Congress Delegate An Alternate Delegate may attend both Girl Congress meetings and the Rep Assemblies, even if the Delegates from her District are present. However, she may not vote. An Alternate Delegate may participate in the planning and implantation of any Girl Congress event, even if the Delegate is present.

In 2013-2014 our goal is to get Girl Congress started earlier and have girl selected and elected by May so they can be involved with council REP assembly.  This goal will continue into years to come so we can allow more time Girl Congress to deliver the programs desired. 

The application process for 2014-2015 girl congress year will open on January 2014 and the deadline is March 1, 2014.  

If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Commerford, 314.592.2359, or Emily Ficker, 314.592.2341,