For Older Girls

“New year, new classes, new locker? For this “Idea of the Month” we will be taking a look at some of the coolest new trends that will be sure to keep your locker game #onfleek. The first? Locker rugs. Yes, rugs for your locker. These small and chic rugs are the perfect way to add a little extra personality to your locker floor, all while protecting your supplies from unwanted nicks and scuffs from the locker floor (check out some cool rugs in cool patterns here). Next trend we love? The magnetized mirror with accessory pocket that can be attached to the door of your locker for quick touch-ups in between classes. This accessory provides fashion and function for lockers, and can be found in stores like this one!  Also found at PB-Teen, the really neat chevron overhead light for lockers so you’ll never be kept in the dark about how cute your space is. Other accessories that we felt deserved some locker love were patterned dry erase boards, darling gemstone magnets, and of course removable shelves for extra storage and organization. These are just the accessories we found that topped our list of trendy locker must-haves; check out your favorite stores for other ideas to make your space your own!”

Road to Girl Scout Gold: Gold Award Bootcamp

September 25 – 10 AM – 3 PM

During this program, girls will work with knowledgeable mentors, staff and former Gold Awardees.  It will include a writing workshop, Q&A session and time-management strengthening activities.

Location:  Berges Family Girl Scout Program Center, 2300 Ball Drive, St. Louis 63146

$40 per girl

Registration deadline:  Sept. 18