For Older Girls

“Hey Girl Scout, time to prep for the best school year ever! Everyone knows organization is the key to staying on top of your busy schedules, so we wanted to share with you our favorite organizational tricks and tips. Want a trendy planner to keep track of all your assignments and extra-curriculars? Take a look at this list of Cute Day Planners for 2016 and get on the right organizational track. Not sure where to start to get organized? We suggest these simple steps to get you started:

  • Use calendars and planners to keep your schedule on track
  • Color-code assignments and activities when possible
  • Make to-do lists, or notes, to help you prioritize activities
  • Set realistic goals for your days and weeks
  • Avoid clutter when possible

Follow these simple tips and you will be well on your way to slipping seamlessly into an organized routine for the year!”

Girl Meets World

Aug. 5, 8 am-2 pm
Calling all Seniors, Ambassadors and Girl Scout Young Alumnae!

Join the Girl Scout Young Alumnae Society on Aug. 5 to help prepare you for college and the working world! This important event will feature breakout sessions to help you plan for future success: learn how to network, develop a career plan, manage your finances, create your personal brand and more! The event will culminate with mock interviews and a networking luncheon with some of St. Louis’ top professionals.

Questions? Contact Emily Carroll at 314.592.2373 or