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Lead & Learn Updates

Check this page often for the latest information on Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri courses:

  • Courses that have been added to or cancelled from the current calendar
  • Changes in locations or fees
  • Other important information

The following courses have LOCATION change:
Course C.500 Job Orientation for Camp Supervisors: Location Camp Cedarledge, Staff Lodge on April 11-13th 
District 2 Special Training Day on April 5th will be held at St. Pius Catholic Church 3310 S. Grand Blvd 63116

The following courses have DATE change:
District 1 Special Training Day – May 3rd
District 1 Special Training day listed on p.75 of the Lead & Learn should say May 3rd

The following courses have a FEE Change:
CF.860 Small Craft Safety Canoeing – Fee: $35
CF.862 Small Craft Safety Canoeing – Fee: $35
CF.864 Small Craft Safety Canoeing – Fee: $35
CF.870 Small Craft Safety: Sailing – Fee: $35
Course CF.201 Adult and Child CPR/AED and Standard First Aid Challenge Fee: $24

The following courses have been ADDED:
CF.523 CPR 3/11/14 6-9 pm Girl Scout Service Center FEE: $20

The following courses have COURSE NUMBER updates:
JO for Outdoor Adventure Course (OAC) course number CF.512 Fee: $40 – register online or send paper registration to the lock box
Basic Water Rescue: CF.854, CF.856 and CF.858 Fee: $10 – register online or send paper registration to the lock box

The following courses have been canceled:
D1.1 Gourmet Dutch Oven Cooking 5/3
D1.3 GPS/Maps and Compass Workshop 5/3
D1.4 Science Doesn't Have to be Scary 5/3
D1.5 Hiking Over the Creek and Through the Woods 5/3
D1.6 Leave No Trace Principles and Practices 5/3
D5.9 JO for Day Camp Unit Leaders 5/8
D10.11 Fossil Hunt 5/8
D10.19 Quilting Workshop 5/8
D10.9 Discovery Hike 5/8
D10.20 Redwork Surface Embroidery 5/8
D10.7 Conflict Resolution 5/8
D10.1 Accessories on a Budget 5/9
D10.6 Campfires & pressurized fuels 5/9
D10.2 Archery 5/9
D10.4 Bookmark/Ornament on plastic workshop 5/9
D10.14 Girl Scout Traditions 5/9
D10.13 Green Cathedral/ Sunnytop Hike 5/9
D10.15 Journey Sampler 5/9
D10.22 Camp Cedarledge Tour 5/9
D10.5 Camp Gadgets Workshop 5/10
D10.21 Silk Screen workshop 5/10
D10.10 Dutch Oven Cooking 5/10
D10.13 Geocaching 5/9
CF.850 Basic Water Rescue Instructor Course 5/17
CF.550 Cooking for Crowds at Camp 6/14

Other changes:
GS101 – Password not required
p. 55 Girl Scouting 101 no longer requires a password to take the course