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Lead & Learn Updates

Check this page often for the latest information on Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri adult courses and girl programs.

News to Know Updates

Trailblazers, pg. 19
March 1-Camp Tuckaho 

Girl Program Updates

Cancelled Programs
Get Into Energy with Ameren, Feb. 21
Where in the World is Juliette Low, March 7-8

Program Updates
Jr. Heritage Tour: Cost $125

Crime Investigations, May 3: 1-3 pm


Adult Course Updates

Cancelled Courses

D.47 Troop Trips


DF5.11 No-Cooking with Your Troop, March 19

D11.1 Money, Money, Money, March 21

D11.2 Eastern Missouri Camping Opportunities, March 21

D11.3 Letting Girls Lead, March 21

D11.4 Bridging and Ceremonies, March 21

DF11.5, SWAPS, March 21

DF10.8 Girl Scout Barrette, May 8

DF10.10 – Leave No Trace. May 8  

DF10.3 – Redwork, May 8

DF10.14 – Plastic Canvas Bookmark, May 8 

D10.24 – LEAP Overnight

D10.25 – LEAP Overnight

DF10.20 – LEAP Breakfast

DF10.21 – LEAP Lunch

DF10.22 – LEAP Dinner

DF10.23 – LEAP Breakfast

D2.3 – Troop Camp Information Packet, May 9

D2.2 – Troop Camp 101, May 9

D2.4 – What’s at an Eastern Missouri Camp, May 9


Date Updates

Wild About Workshops, April 11

Time Updates

C.327 Job Orientation for Outdoor Adventure Course, March 27, 7 pm

D1.6 Introduction to Riflery, Sat., April 11, 1-7 pm

D1.3 Songs, new time is 9-10:30 am  

D1.5 Archery, new time is 12:30-4 pm

Small Craft Safety: Sailing has a time change it is noon-4 pm

You must have Basic Water Rescue to take this course. If you do not have this certification sign up for the course happening on the same day. 

Location Updates

CF.861 will be located at Camp Fiddlecreek



Page last updated: 5/8//2015