Council Conversations

  • Bylaws Changes
    Thanks to everyone who attended 2014 Representative Assembly. The following Bylaws were approved.
  • Results from the Camp Utilization Task Force
    Suggestions from the group on ways to improve and enhance our outdoor experience will be presented along with recommendations on updates to some of our camp program procedures.
  • National Council Session Proposals
    This is a National Council Session year and we are sending 25 delegates to Salt Lake City to represent our Council. Learn about the discussion topics for this year's event so you can inform your delegate of your views. Also at this year’s session is a discussion on Girl Scouts and the outdoor experience. Please read the latest research and take time to answer four questions. Your answers will influence the future of Girl Scout programming and its relationship to the outdoors.

For any questions about the above topics, or questions in general, please reach out to us at: