Leader Mentor Program

The Leader Mentor Program is an opportunity for new Leaders to link up with an experienced Leader who will help them succeed in the steps necessary to establish a troop.

Your Mentor will be your anchor during your first year. S/he will help you improve your skills and provide ongoing support by assisting with problem solving and meeting planning. A Mentor can help you find satisfaction in your new role.

Your Mentor will:

  • Offer to assist you with troop registration
  • Offer to assist you with opening a troop checking account
  • Connect you with essential training
  • Attend a Neighborhood Meeting with you
  • Assist you with a Parents’ Meeting
  • Be there if you have questions or need to talk

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Find a Mentor:
Contact your Neighborhood Education Chair or Neighborhood Team Chair. If you don’t know who these are, your District Community Development Manager at the Service Center can help you find them.

Interested in becoming a Mentor?

  • Contact your Neighborhood Chair and let her/him know of your interest
  • Attend a Job Orientation for Mentors course (listed in Lead & Learn)
  • Ask your Neighborhood Chair to be assigned to one or more new Leaders